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I know I know – stupid fickle old Grumblmouse always changing his blogs and stuff but hey its all about the chase right? From now on I’m probably not going to be blogging here – we proved a point that London is shit for fried chicken! I am still writing though – this is where you can find me in the future.

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The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust!

menuimg.jpg Saul Williams’ new Trent Reznor produced album comes out tomorrow – for free! Read what they had to say about it and the stateof the music industry over at New York Magazine.  My favorite bit re: OiNK –

Trent ‘ They’re not stealing it because they’re going to make money off of it; they’re stealing it because they love the band. I’m not saying that I think OiNK is morally correct, but I do know that it existed because it filled a void of what people want.’

I think this is one of the most important issues at the moment – if you don’t give your audience or consumers what they want – they’ll go elsewhere – FACT.


OMGZ Amazing Unsigned Band Action!!!!11!1

Oh yes indeed – sat in borders yesterday reading some trade mags I came across a small piece about M-Buzz – Sony Ericsson’s new myspacey thing. I went and checked it out – I guess it’s pretty new and that’s the reason there are 16 bands on it!

Hmmm I dunno – I’ve been thinking about this a bit – do we really need ANOTHER unsigned / undiscovered band site – I mean there are ten’s of probably hundreds of sites out there doing this already and way better than this. Everyone is talking about how ‘discovery’ is the new thing but really I’m not sure – I think ‘curation’ and ‘filters’ are what is important.

I mean look at myspace, youtube and the plethora of other sites out there – they’re all great but surely sites such as Pitchfork, NME, Daytrotter etc are much more useful at helpfully letting us discover new stuff – just putting some tracks up there is all very well and good but people want or need someone to tell them what they should listen to – I’m not saying that Pitchfork is an all seeing oracle but they act as a filter, the myriad of blogs out there also act as filters, Other Music and Rough Trade’s weekly Top 10’s are also amazing filters.

What would be more useful is some sort of social filter, in fact collaborative filtering is what amazing sites like Last FM are based on – recommendations from friends. Who do we trust? – me, I trust my friends, certain blogs, certain news sources, shops like Other Music and Rough Trade etc – couldn’t you create a site that not only let you see what your friends were listening to but also let you opt into certain feeds or Top 10 lists from trusted sources like Pitchfork or Rough Trade?

I guess what I’m trying to say is:

– With this new M-Buzz site – what will be the filters?

– Where are the thousands of established bands that I’m still trying to discover?

– Do I trust Sony Ericsson to recommend music to me?

– Are they a credible?

I’m going to have a think about this.


Fuck Peaches Geldof…..

……..Fuck her in her stupid ass. I ended up at some Sony Ericsson, 3 mobile phone launch last night – Peaches was meant to be DJing and she wasn’t – she stood there while some guy called Fred (with cool glasses) DJ’d amazing songs – Fuck You Peaches – there’s no way you spent all that time searching for great tunes – anyway Fred played this amazing tune which you should download – oh and then Sugababes played live – they were meh at best.

DreSkull – Want You Back  


Up C Down C – Fuck it, reset and read a book!

Scenario 2 – a good friend of mine who is an amazing song writer, singer comes to me after finally finishing his album (after 3 years). He’s been offered a major label deal – he doesn’t want to give up his baby and in the wake of Prince, Madonna and Enter Shikari feels that he can go it alone – he wants my help!

I’m upset – I shouldn’t be – but why can’t someone with loads of money ask me for this advice? His album is amazing, its huge, each tune is built for a stadium – imagine U2 meets Coldplay but not annoying or self righteous – the lyrics are super strong and interesting but you can imagine them at the pivotal point in a massive Hollywood blockbuster.

He needs to gig more – he just had a meeting with iTunes and may be able to sell his stuff through there? I read an article where some guy said about OINK – that pre-release downloads are the most vicious of the whole ‘downloading scene’ – what the fuck is a release date – Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On?) was released years ago but I still buy it – whats wrong with making something available and then touring and promoting it – getting kids to make videos that you send out all over myspace / youtube – some more viral stuff – some exclusive CDs that you sell at the gigs – a publishing company that pimps your tunes to TV and Film – a manager that hooks you up with brands and also promotes and extends the brand that is you – I dunno – is it possible – Enter Shikari did it – £2 rave rings? WTF is that about – I bought 2 for fucks sake – surely every artist should take the 101 of hip hop brand extension – water, chicken franchise, perfume – where’s the indie equivalent? Razorlight line at TopShop – Kano for King Apparel – Nine Inch Nail USB keys – I mean its all out there for fucks sake – am I rambling? maybe. I’ll shut up now.


If yes turn to p.23, if no turn to p.67!

I’m all confused and flattered at the same time – a couple of scenarios have presented themselves to me and I don’t know how to feel.

Scenario 1: Friend x worked for magazine x that recently shut its doors. He wants use the database to leverage readership of his soon to exist magazine. He comes to me for guidance.  I tell him print is dead – the Vice model works but really only for Vice (and we all know how well they reward their employees!). Internet is the way forward, especially if the content is predominantly music (podcasts, links to myspace etc etc). The barrier to entry with a new print magazine is rediculous compared to entry with a website – why not enter with a website and monthly downloadable PDF with the longer articles on it – you can aggreagate other new sources, MP3 files, link to stuff you can’t be arsed to write about – even sell MP3s through your own online store – hell if I had a music site I’d use some of the ad revenue to commission exclusive remixes – Curtis Voda remixing the White Stripes? DreSkull remixing Yeasayer? Fuck yeah – what label is going to baulk at the fact that a website wants to do their work for them?

This is the way I see it – the web holds all information – everything you want to know is out there, you just have to find it. Easy right? No? Its not easy to find the information – you need conduits – content curators – filters – and this is where magazines come in – thats what they’ve always been but I don’t feel that they use this to their advantage – Popbitch is saying that the print version of the NME is over – cool – Business Week says that managers are the new record labels – cool – but who is exploiting this to the fullest?

Daytrotter – supposedly these guys worked in a studio – so they got the cool bands to record a few tunes and bish bosh bash they one of the coolest sites out there – but where is the brand extension???????

NME – the live tour is sponsored by Topman – where is the NME line in ToSho? Where is the NME branded webshop selling Razorlight scarves and ties? Where is the NME music downoad store? Where is the NME ‘other shit we like’ section on the site. People are still thinking of the closed box, don’t send people away from our site / store. This is wrong – send people from your site – the internet is fluid – be the person that recommended the great article on Pitchfork or the new exclusive Marilyn Manson PDF USB MP3.

I’ve had a few beers so excuse me but A) I’m annoyed that people call me wise and say that I know whats what yet I STILL DO NOT HAVE A PROPER JOB, B) wtf – why are these people not exploiting the massive brands they have? C) why is someone not realising these glaring holes in the web music arena and completely dominating (yeah I guess if I have all the answers then I’m the fool for not exploiting them myself).

Anyway – scenario 2 to follow.


Completely Awesome Music Industry News!

OK I gotta be quick – my girlfriend is antsy on the sofa and I’ve overshot my tinternet quotient for the evening. Chris Anderson, he of the Long Tail, sees only joy and light in the music ‘industry’ – see here.

This got me thinking about my boy Gerd Leonhard – he’s forever been chatting about not thinking of the music industry in the same way that we have been for the past 70 odd years – since reading his book The Future Of Music I often daydream about being his young Padawan – you know like when Luke went to study with Yoda – maybe I’ll e-mail him. Anyway his writing a new ‘blook (blog / book) called The End Of Control – I’d sit up and read it if I didn’t have an other half but here’s the link – be sure to read it – I will be tomorrow.

Oh and how’d you like that Yeasayer stuff?

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